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Today, the stainless steel structure is commonly used in the construction of not only industrial buildings but also in high-rise commercial buildings like hotels, office complexes, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, etc. The amazing features like high strength, rigidity, toughness, and ductile properties make it the most preferred metal for commercial construction.

THT Steel is a leading company offering commercial fabrication servicesto commercial and industrial clients. We haveexpanded our capacity, technology and infrastructure to provide first-rate fabricated steel products for multi-level high-rise buildings.Our capabilities incorporatecutting, shearing, plasma cutting, punching, bending, welding (aluminum and steel), and priming.

THT Steel -The top commercial fabrication companies in Melbourne

THT Steel has become the perfect destination to get supply columns, purlins, strings, frames, trestles, conveyor gantries, beams, mineral processing plants and screening structures. Our key goal is to improve the life and looks of your building, so we build highly-creative and innovative designs to make the building surprisingly attractive and long-lasting.

Our team of experts delivers your project on-time with the quality you expect. After getting your approval for drawings, we make plans for the fabrication of the components to fit your requirements. The success of any building construction is highly dependent upon successful welding techniques. THT steel uses the most advanced and reliable welding and metal fabrication practices to deliver quality products that are highly suitable for commercial buildings.

Welding needs for each individual project may be diverse and challenging but, our team of experienced and professional engineers is expert in all types of welding. Our work is rigorously inspected before and after stainless steel welding and fabrication.

When our clients hire us forstainless steel welding services for their projects, they can expect that we will act with their best interests. THT Steel vows to offer its customers the best possible value in most competent prices.

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  • Highly-professional and experienced
  • The skilled and expert team
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  • Great quality and peace of mind

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