Bespoke And Architectural Staircase Designs For Your Home Or Workplace

THT Steel is one of the premier staircase steel fabrication companies based in Melbourne, offering a modern, tailor-made staircase, engineered to the specific need of the project. We are home to many who wish to installa luxurious, classic, free-standing, helical, straight, curved and spiral staircase in multi-floored homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other buildings in Australia.

For over 20 years, THT Steel is serving their domestic and industrial clients successfully and have become their number one choice for most trusted and specialized staircase builder, manufacturer and supplier.Whether it’s the iconic hotel or a Melbourne home, you will always find the reflection of our high levels of craftsmanship in our work.

Being one of the most leading steel staircase fabricators in Melbourne, we assure our commercial clients to get greater quality and budget-friendly prices. Utilizing the first-rate quality materials and some of the most skilled and highly accredited designers, our domestic and commercial staircase are truly breath-taking.

Our team of designers and engineers ensure that every detail of your bespoke residential staircase is to your liking and creating a product that will be a charming addition to your home.The steel staircase designed by us for your workplace will be much a piece of art, making the environment more inviting to employees and clients. We have installed some of the most breathtaking staircases for our commercial clients that stay harmonious with their brand.

Our bespoke and stylish steel staircases are aesthetically pleasing yet structurally robust because they are the outcome of our countless hours of meticulous craftsmanship. Coordinating and working closely with you, our team will design, manufacture and install contemporary and classic staircases to your exact specifications, right down to the finest details.

Why choose us as the best staircase steel fabrication?

  • Leading commercial and domestic staircase partner
  • Careful attention to our clients’ needs
  • Exclusive, chic yet sturdy staircase design
  • Easy to approach
  • Finest quality material
  • State-of-the-art resources

Need extensive staircase ideas and designs? Check our website to browse some of our best designs for the staircase!

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