Automatic Driveway Gates – Guarding Your Home With A Driveway Gate in Melbourne

Security of your assets is equally important in today’s world as it is with the landscape beauty of the property, be it your homes or offices. Having automatic driveway gates pose a multitude of benefits and THT Steel Fabricators are industry leaders in providing Melbourne’s best custom made gates be it swing gates or automatic driveway gates. Homeowners can control the entry and exit to their premises with automatic driveway gates. THT Steel Fabricators provide world-class custom-made garden gates, automatic swing gates, metal gates, and wooden driveway gates as per the requirements of our clients across Melbourne.

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Electric Driveway Gates to Make Your Establishment Secure and Stylish

With electric driveway gates for your home, the peace of mind that comes with a stylish appearance of your assets is priceless. In addition to making your establishment safe and secure, an electric driveway gate installation is of convenience as they can be operated on motors that are in-built and state-of-the-art wireless technology. In a nutshell, burglar alarms, CCTV systems, and intercoms are not the only security systems to safeguard you and your establishment from burglary and other harms.

Top Benefits Of Installing Automatic Driveway Gates In Melbourne

Being industry leaders in the field of building custom-made automatic and electric driveway gates for our clients across Melbourne since the year 1996, our expert fabricators in THT Steel fabricators suggest the installation of automatic driveway gate for maximum safety of your assets and premises.

The following are key benefits that our clients in Melbourne leverage out of our driveway gates:

  • Security: Electric driveway gates are the primary defence mechanism against burglars and other thefts to your property. THT Steel fabricators are providers of automatic and electric driveway entrance gates, driveway security gates, etc. These can be custom-built to suit your specific style and requirements.
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums: Statistics reveal a lower insurance premium on automatic driveway gates as compared to the others. The security that these gates offer drives certain insurance companies to provide significantly reduced insurance premiums on these gates.
  • Convenience: Automatic driveway gates are convenient to handle. A smart tap on your smart automatic driveway gate can unlock electric gates with ease. For instance, there are methods like remote control access, card readers, keypads, and other advanced automatic gates come with sensors. Such sensor-made driveway gates are able to read specific signals for entry, which ensure a secure home.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Automatic driveway gates provided by THT Steel fabricators are cost-effective as these gates are considered to add a 5 per cent value to your homes when it is for sale. So, an automatic driveway gate is undoubtedly a long-term cost-effective solution.
  • Higher ‘Kerb’ Appeal: THT Steel Fabricators are the most sought-after providers of custom-made gates like swing gates, and automatic driveway gates in Melbourne. Our driveway gates provide an aesthetic appeal and view to your property as they can be manufactured depending on the material of the rest of your house, gates, and so on.

What Next? Call The Experts In Custom-Made Automatic Driveway Gates In Melbourne

THT Steel Fabricators is a trusted name in the field of custom-made automatic driveway gates, swing gates, electric gates, and other gates like metal gates, wooden gates, as well as, driveway gate openers in Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9359 3171 to talk to our experts in manufacturing driveway gates to know more about the most-suited security driveway gate of your choice and interest, wherever you are in Melbourne. You may also mail us at to get a free quote for your driveway gate!